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Examples of investments


Industry: Medical software

Country: France

Date: January 2019

Founded in 1988, Evolucare Technologies is a family-owned business providing a fully integrated medical software solutions dedicated to Healthcare facilities. It benefits from a strong customer base composed of nearly 1,900 institutions in France and abroad. The company covers the entire patient journey thanks to a wide range of turnkey solutions in the fields of: Electronic Patient File, Critical Care and Medical Imaging.


Industry: Financial services

Country: Germany

Date: November 2018

Hamburg Commercial Bank (« HCOB ») is one of northern Germany’s largest bank, focused on mid-sized corporate clients. HCOB is highly recognised in the renewable energy, commercial real estate and shipping industries.

Minimax Viking Group

Industry: Fire protection systems & services

Country: Germany

Date: July 2018

Based in Germany, Minimax Viking Group is one of the world’s leading global suppliers of fire protection systems and services. The Group offers a fully integrated business model ranging from R&D, manufacturing, distribution, integration to maintenance services.

The Group’s customers operate in diverse end-user industries such as energy, automotive, logistics, IT, marine and in the commercial sector.


Industry: Automotive & Components

Country: France

Date: July 2018

Founded in 1919, Caillau is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance metal exhaust and hose clamps mainly to the automotive industry.


Industry: Food and beverages

Country: Netherlands

Date: March 2018

Worldwide leader



Industry: Services

Country: France

Date: February 2018

Founded in 1980 by Franky Mulliez, Kiloutou offers equipment rental services to professionals and individuals. It is the #2 player in the French and the #4 in the European rental market, with a wide and dense network of 432 agencies in France and 52 agencies across Poland, Germany, Spain and Italy.


Industry: Industrial Goods & Equipments

Country: France

Date: January 2018

Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Valence (France), Crouzet designs, manufactures and supplies components for automated systems to serve a wide range of applications including the access control, railway, nuclear and industrial valves markets. Crouzet’s products lines include automation and control devices, motors, switches and position sensors, cockpit controls and electrical protection solutions. The Company operates in niche markets such as aerospace, nuclear, transportation and other industrial segments in which reliability and quality are a must to serve mission-critical applications.


Industry: Healthcare services

Country: USA

Date: December 2017

Business leader in the USA.



Industry: Retail

Country: USA

Date: September 2017

Founded in 1986 in Boston, Staples is today the leading office supply retailing company in North America. It sells office products which include office supplies, copy & print services, furniture, cleaning products, and IT equipment, to consumers and companies, both in stores and online.


Industry: Retail

Country: USA

Date: April 2017

Investment alongside a blue-chip sponsor fund in a business leader



Industry: Financial services

Country: Poland

Date: March 2017

Founded in 2012, GetBack is a Polish company active in the debt recovery industry. GetBack acquires on its own balance sheet and on behalf of third parties, portfolios of Non-Performing Loans (“NPL”) mainly from banks, but also from telecoms and utilities. GetBack's strategy is to recover debts by combining amicable and legal approaches to encourage settlements with debtors.


Industry: Food and beverages

Country: Spain

Date: July 2016

Founded in 1946 and located in the region of Valencia (Spain), Martinavarro is the leading European distributor of fresh citrus (oranges, mandarins and lemons). The group distributes fresh citrus to grocery retailers across Europe, and produces close to half of volumes through owned orchards in Spain and associated growers. Martinavarro has the ability to deliver large volumes of fruits with outstanding service quality. After its acquisition in july 2017 of Rio Tinto, the European leader of bio citrus, the new entity changed its name for Citri&Co.


Industry: Consumer goods

Country: France

Date: April 2016

The Brunel Group is the leading French independent manufacturer and marketer of premium home care and cleaning products distributed through specialized channels. The Group has achieved strong brand recognition from both retailers and consumers on three segments: household cleaners (Starwax brand), Do-It-Yourself repair products (Sinto brand) and insecticides (Kapo brand).

The Reefer Group

Industry: Automotive

Country: France

Date: February 2016

The Reefer Group is the European leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of tailor-made refrigerated trucks and semi-trailers. The Reefer Group is the combination of Chereau, the leader in the French market and SOR Ibérica, one of the leaders in the Spanish market. The Group offers top quality products with the highest degree of customization in the market, covering both the premium and mainstream segments.


Industry: Real Estate

Country: France

Date: July 2015

The vehicle Real Estate Opportunities Fund I was created in May 2015 to invest in two real estate transactions: Officiis Properties (formerly Züblin Immobilière France) and Corelog. Officiis is a company listed on the Paris stock exchange, which invests in commercial real estate and owns a portfolio of five offices buildings, mostly in the Paris area. Corelog is a platform of logictics assets (warehouses) located in France.


Industry: Telecom

Country: Nigeria

Date: December 2012

Founded in 2001, IHS Towers is a leading provider of mobile telecommunications infrastructure in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The Group provides services across the full tower value chain and oversees all aspects of telecommunication network construction. IHS Towers has operations in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Zambia and Rwanda and owns over 23,000 towers in Africa.

Terra Magna

Industry: Farming

Country: Argentina

Date: August 2011

Terra Magna Capital acquired an interest in Santa Juana Limited, a company holding agricultural lands in Latin America. These lands are mainly located in Argentina as well as in Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. The farmlands produce essentially corn, but also soy and wheat and are also used for some cattle breeding. The land portfolio represents a surface close to 90,000 hectares and produces approximately 200,000 tons of grain each year.


Industry: Software development

Country: France

Date: July 2019

Founded in Mâcon in 2012, Ubitransport offers a suite of comprehensive digital mobile solutions for school, suburban, intercity and on-demand transportation. It has already provided more than 120 transportation networks in France and abroad. Ubitransport provides its solutions both to local authorities and private operators.


Industry: Funeral services & infrastructures

Country: France

Date: July 2019

Funecap is the #2 player in the funeral market in France and operates three businesses: the organisation of funerals, the management of a portfolio of crematoria, and the brokerage of contracts subscribed by seniors planning for their funeral financing and organisation.

Examples of exits

Duff & Phelps

Industry: Financial services

Country: USA

Investment date: September 2016

Exit date: February 2018

Established in 1932, Duff & Phelps is a leading provider of independent financial advisory, consulting and investment banking services.


Industry: Real Estate

Country: France

Investment date: July 2013

Exit date: December 2017

This program consisted of several thousand housing units leased to EDF on a long-term contract located across France.