Our convictions as a responsible investor

Our focus on environmental, societal and governance issues is driven by the belief that long-term growth and non-financial factors are inseparable.

That’s why we assume our responsibility as an actor and a prescriber of good practices by investing responsibly.

As an investment firm, we have the means to contribute, on our scale, to guide the Society towards a better consideration of sustainability, respect and responsibility.

Each of our business unit takes these criteria into account in its practice, with its own levers of action.

Signatory of UN-PRI since
the creation of the company

Signatory of France Invest’s Investment Charter for Growth (formerly know as AFIC)

Our commitments

Conscious of our responsibility, we commit ourselves to :

Be a role model

Applying the best ESG standards to oursleves (carbon footprint, travels, consumables, etc.).

Promote ESG

Encouraging initiatives that create societal progress for managers, portfolio companies and partners.

Invest responsibly

Integrating our ESG objectives into due diligence processes for each of our business lines.

Inform in a transparent way

Communicating to our investors the progress achieved through our annual ESG report.

Lead Investment


Essling Capital

Initial due diligence

ESG Audit

Identification of the main issues and risks of the target company.

Action plan

Identification of major ESG areas of improvement.

Commitment of the management team

Integration of ESG in shareholders’ agreements.

During the investment period

2020 objectives

  • Production of an annual ESG reporting for each portfolio company.
  • CSR audit prior to any exit.

2023 objectives

  • 30% of women on the boards of the portfolio companies.
  • 25% of independent administrators.
  • Promotion of initiatives that create societal progress, carbon footprint reduction approach, employee incentives, consideration of well-being at work.

Initial due diligence

  • Exclusion of some sectors of investment.
  • Review of specific due diligences conducted by the sponsor fund and identification of areas of improvement.

During the investment period

  • Specific ESG questionnaire sent on an annual basis.
  • Special attention paid by the team to ESG topics during Boards.

Carbone footprint

Production of a carbon footprint on the basis of ADEME’s work (Agence De l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie).


Attention of all employees drawn to ESG issues on a daily basis.


Encouraging employees to get involved in humanitarian and associative actions.