Paris, September 6th, 2017 – Created in April 2017 as an independent Private Equity firm, Essling Capital, is pleased to announce the hiring of the Funds of Funds team of Amundi Private Equity Funds in order to carry on its own development.

The joining team, led by Jean-Yves Lagache, includes Nizar Chayeb as Investment Director and, as Senior Investment Managers, Cédric Cabarrus and Sandra Saad. Thanks to a strong expertise built over ten years within its previous firm, the new team will offer investments vehicles and specialized mandates, mainly in Private Equity and Private Debt, which are their fields of expertise.

Essling Capital now consists of 17 investment professionals who manage approximately one billion euros and offers, thanks to the Funds of Funds team arrival, another investment solutions alongside existing Co-Investment, Real Estate and Private Debt solutions.

The new Funds of Funds team will launch its first investment vehicle in the coming weeks with an innovative structure, which best defines Essling Capital DNA.

Commenting on Essling Capital development, Michele Mezzarobba, President of the company, says “We are very pleased to welcome this team of seasoned professionals. The choice they made to join our nascent business is a trust mark regarding our model and goals. The investment products structure will be innovative in order to meet the new expectations of investors.”

Jean-Yves Lagache, Managing Director of Essling Capital’s Funds of Funds team adds, “After spending more than 10 years in a large organization, we wanted to be part of an entrepreneurial adventure, allowing us to be closer to our clients and more flexible to their needs. We are very glad to join a young and dynamic team of investment professionals.”