Our Approach

Essling Capital is able to respond very quickly and seize the most attractive market opportunities for each category of unlisted assets. This allows investors to take advantage of tailored, distinctive and complementary solutions.

Privileged accessto a wealthof opportunities

Close ties to some 100 long-standing partners, including established generalist funds, but also more specialized local teams that allow access to more atypical operations.


We are open to all strategies, all geographic areas and all types of structuring1 (co-investments, funds, club-deal).

Our investment strategy is opportunistic: unlike some traditional funds, our teams are under no pressure to deploy capital.


Essling Capital has an internal team dedicated exclusively to unlisted investments, a fast decision-making process and a stable investor base.


The team has over 70 years of combined experience in investment in diversified assets with strong and proven performance.

The team invests significantly alongside investors.

Our solutions

Essling Capital offers investment solutions designed by investors for investors.

Flexible and reactive, the company is able to seize the most attractive market opportunities for each category of unlisted assets.

Essling Capital takes an innovative approach to designing and structuring tailored, distinctive and complementary solutions for its investors.


Innovative direct investment programs with minority shareholdings in unlisted companies around the world, particularly the United States and Europe.

Funds of funds

Extensive range of primary funds of funds and secondary funds (purchase of stakes in mature funds and portfolios of direct stakes in unlisted companies).

Real estate

Investment solutions involving real estate assets, in partnership with specialized asset management companies.

Unlisted debt

Debt financing programs for unlisted companies via mezzanine and senior debt.

Please refer to the legal mentions for more details on the investments risks and policy implemented by the company.