Acquisition of minority stakes alongside generalist funds or specialized local teams.

Opportunistic investment strategy, without specific constraints in terms of sector, geography or transaction size.

Dedicated and responsive team that can invest between 5 M€ and 30 M€ per transaction.

Differentiating elements

A team dedicated to co-investment

More than 400 partners worldwide

A sustained and high-quality deal flow

A flexible and reactive approach

Execution capacity and experience

Focused on opportunities located in Europe et North America

Broad spectrum of sectors (business services, consumer, food, healthcare, etc.)

From small cap (EV > 50 M€) to large companies (EV > €1.5bn)

Wide range of solutions

Pre closing, to support a lead investor complete due diligence

As part of syndication processes for larger transactions or to support the development of a portfolio company

Special or complex situations, enabling continuation strategies or secondary transactions

Investment team